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Bob and Carol Gibson

Brother Bob is married to Carol Gibson and they they live in League City, TX where they enjoy four grown children, ten grandchildren, & four great-grandchildren.

He has a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled in his lifetime.  He and other members of Lost Sheep Ministries have travelled to 75 countries on 6 continents sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with tens of thousands.  Brother Bob has been gifted by the Holy Spirit with the gifts of evangelism, prophecy, and teaching.   He founded Lost Sheep Ministries in 1992 to stir up local churches to become "glocal" churches.   That is a local church with a global vision.  He developed a course to help local churches become a "glocal" church.  God's Renown Seminar:  Creator - Creation - Covenant - Christ Jesus - Commission - Celebration - Consumed - Consecrated Life is how he describes God's plan for the nations.  Brother Bob is being used in local churches today as he teaches a conference on God's Renown which ignites the local church for obedience and servant hood.

Brother Bob is a USA Viet Nam veteran and wants to bless the people of Viet Nam with the Gospel of Christ.

He is now 75 and retains a spiritual zeal for training others to become Disciples of Christ, start small groups, start churches, and raise up leaders around the world.


John & Dottie (Mammy) Overton

Discipleship Writers and Teachers

John & Dottie Overton live in Dickinson, TX, USA. They have been married for 64 years.  John recently retired from Boeing where he worked for many years as an aerospace engineer.  They have developed a self teaching discipleship kit for Equipping Students [ES] to Change the World!.

Microsoft Power Point is used to project discipleship training slides and students are provided a manual with all of the Power Point slides embedded so they can follow the slides and make notes in their manual. Lost Sheep Ministries intent is not just to transfer information about the urgency of discipleship but to make Disciples of Christ. 


Lazarus & Dalia Vargas


Lazarus has been serving with Lost Sheep Ministries for 20 years now.  He has faithfully continued our monthly trips to Piedras Negras, Mexico for more than 3 years. 

After their marriage, Dalia gladly jumped on the bus and said "I want to go to!"  God has prepared their hearts with an attitude which says "Here we are Lord SEND us!"

Dana Poole
Kamikaze for Christ Ministries

A Kamikaze for Christ is defined as an individual who is willing to invade the enemy's camp and defeat him with no regard to self. Their life is laid down with a reckless abandon for the cause of Christ.  All for His Glory, All for His purpose, yielded to the Holy Ghost, full of the Word of God, diligent, watchful, and always wielding a ready sword.


Dana is available to address women's groups.  Please make requests for her through our Lost Sheep Ministries.

Mark & Elspeth George

Mark began serving with Lost Sheep Ministries by travelling to Piedras Negras, Mexico with us.  He then brought his wife, Elspeth, on a trip with him. 

Mark travelled to Nicaragua and felt God's call on him to return to the Coco River area and continue to minister to the Miskito people.  Today, Mark and Elspeth serve together as coordinators for the Coco River region of Nicaragua to the Miskito Indians.  
 Elspeth has a passion to reach the children with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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